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An Interview with Gamzix by BitcoinCasinoWiz

Let's Talk Games is our interview section dedicated to exploring the exciting world of casino games! Here, we dive deep into the latest trends and innovations in the gaming industry, with a focus on the software companies behind the games. Today we are interviewing Marina Kalinina, CMO at GAMZIX. Join us on this thrilling journey and let's explore the fascinating world of casino games together!
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Apr 12, 2023


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1. How are the creative and development processes organised at your company?

Every Gamzix game has its own development and creative process, but there are some general steps that we follow for every single slot.

Firstly, we conduct market analysis and management consulting. Nothing can be created without an understanding of the direction and trends in the field. That’s why we want every team member to be involved in this process. Their vision can be more unique and realistic than those who deal with it every day on a professional level.

Next, we create a technical task and develop the visual and mathematical components of the slot. We also carry out back-end game development and testing.

After that, we conduct a final slot review and gather feedback from all team members about the game. This helps us make any necessary edits before starting the promotion process.

Finally, we promote the game using all B2C and B2B marketing tools, aiming to make the release popular both online and offline.

I’m happy to say that every Gamzix team member puts in their best efforts to achieve great results!

2. We’re really enjoying the Royal Chip slot that went live in March. For those who have not played it yet, could you let us know what can players expect from this game?

Royal Chip is a bright and old-fashioned 3×3 slot with dazzling and detailed visualization. Its main advantages can be summed up in two words: spectacular and effortless. The game features a bright design with a deep background, creating a contrast that makes details on the main screen stand out. Additionally, the connection between features can be discovered in just a few spins.

Royal Chip can also suggest awesome in-game features like Bonus Game, Buy Bonus and Gamble Game. Eye-catching design and effortless rules which everyone can discover in a few spins provide gamers with exciting and unforgettable experience. It’s a Win-Win!

3. What do you believe is the main advantage of Gamzix compared to other gaming studios?

I am absolutely certain that a business cannot exist without people who are not only amazing specialists in their field, but also share the values and ideas of the company. Therefore, all the achievements that Gamzix has made happened for a reason, and that reason is our team.

Furthermore, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a company’s flexibility. The world, not only the industry, is changing rapidly. However, instead of complaining, we are adapting to these changes. Our ability to accept and respond quickly to every new challenge is what makes Gamzix the way it is.

As a result of Gamzix’s hard work and agility, the company has rapidly developed. Today, we have over 50 games available in more than 1000 casinos. Our team consists of 50 professionals working in offices located in 4 countries: Estonia, Ukraine, Cyprus, and Poland.

Gamzix has been nominated for ten awards and has won two prestigious awards: SiGMA Industry Rising Star of The Year and the SlotsWise Awards Winner for One To Watch.

This is just the beginning for us, and we look forward to achieving even greater success in the future.

4. Can you tell us more about the bonus features, do you have any proprietary and unique game features?

 Gamzix has a diverse portfolio of over 50 games that boast a variety of in-game features, such as Bonus Game, Hot Bet and Super Hot Bet, Buy Bonus, Gamble Game, Expanded and Sticky Wilds, and more.

One of Gamzix’s most popular features is Hold the Spin, a unique mechanic that serves as the main attraction in most of our games. What’s interesting is that it varies from game to game, depending on the plot, available features, and technical possibilities. Hold the Spin is a bonus feature that offers respins and payouts for bonus symbols, with multipliers that can reach up to x1000 in some games.

We like to mix mechanics and make our slots more interesting and exciting for players, leading to amazing and rich stories. For instance, the Bonus game can usually be triggered by a combination of special symbols, resulting in opportunities for big wins and jackpots. Meanwhile, the Buy Bonus feature offers players the chance to achieve results immediately.

5. What do you think players will love the most about Gamzix slots?

Based on Gamzix statistics and feedback from our partners, it’s clear that players love the Hold the Spin mechanic and old-school fruit slots.

I believe this love is due to our diverse portfolio. We offer games of varying difficulty levels, scenarios, designs, characters, and combinations of features. We keep up with trends and, more importantly, we listen to our players’ desires. This way, we can always offer them something they’ll enjoy whenever they come to play.

6. What are the top markets for your games in terms of geographic regions and countries?

Europe has been our main geographic focus since the beginning of Gamzix’s development. However, we don’t want to limit ourselves to only one market – we are always looking for new opportunities to expand. Our near-future plans include entering the markets of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

7. Do you see an increase of crypto oriented operators interested in Gamzix games?

Cryptocurrency has captured the attention of both operators and slot providers, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more prevalent in the industry. Although we don’t currently have games that are fully oriented towards cryptocurrency, we have successfully integrated this payment method into our slots alongside traditional methods. As technology continues to evolve and change the rules of the industry, we remain committed to keeping pace with these changes.

8. What do you think about crypto gambling in general? 

This form of gambling is gaining popularity as more people are accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. I completely understand why. One of the main benefits of using cryptocurrencies for online gambling is that it provides greater anonymity and security than traditional payment methods, as well as faster transactions and lower fees. I see no reason to avoid it, but every new step takes time.

We do not want to undertake something new without proper qualifications, so each new decision and modification requires careful consideration and professional input from our experts.

9. Do you have or plan to develop some innovative games like crash or instant games?

We already have Crash games in our portfolio! Pilot is our rising star that was released in September 2022. It’s from 30% to almost 350% lighter than competitors have. Enjoyable sounds with imitation of plane take off fulfill every round of the game. There is an ability to change skins for individual casinos, fair play and support for 22 localizations and for all types of currencies (FIAT+Crypto).

We have made two thematic reskins dedicated to popular topics: Pilot Coin, which tells a story about the crypto world, and Pilot Cup, which is a perfect match for football fans. We have huge plans for crash games, so stay tuned!

Instant games are currently only in our plans, but we have been thinking about them for a while. Based on our experience, we believe that something that is on our minds will eventually become a new achievement!

10. Do you use a provably fair technology in some of your games?

Yes, we are already familiar with this system and use it in our products, such as crash games Pilot, Pilot Cup, and Pilot Coin, as well as instant win game Go-Go Spinner. It’s a great way to establish a more secure and transparent connection with our players by ensuring the fairness of the winning results.

11. Can you name the top 3 slots from Gamzix that should be checked out by players who have never tried your games before?

Let’s start from “Sunny Coin 2: Hold the Spin” which is the second part of Gamzix’s most popular slot. But this time it is filled with new characteristics, advanced design and music accompaniment. Special symbols like Scatters, Coins and Wilds add more possibilities to create their own unforgettable plot, like open access to Bonus Game. Here is a chance to Win 1 of 3 Jackpots: Bronze, Silver and Gold. While a Platinum one becomes the most desired result of the game. Every spin goes with thematic sounds which fulfill the plot with the authentic atmosphere of Ancient Egypt.

“Ruby Win: Hold the Spin” is a well-known 3×3 type of slot with 5 fixed paylines. The game features marvelous design: shiny, precious stones dazzle with their deep shades and brilliance. Ruby Win slot includes regular and extra symbols, Bonus Game, Gamble Game and 4 Jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major.

And last but not least Gamzix new slot — “Wolf Story”. It is a wildlife themed 5 reels 3 rows game with 25 fixed lines. It has regular and special symbols which trigger a Bonus Game. Additionally, there are 4 Jackpots inside, Buying Free Spins Feature and Mystery Coin that shows up at the end of the Bonus Game to reveal a final result.

12. Could you give us a sneak peek of what’s coming next from Gamzix in 2023?

In 2023, our goal is to expand our portfolio by introducing a variety of new games. Our objective is not solely focused on achieving good statistics but also on improving the quality of our slots, mechanics, design, and plotlines.

Regarding marketing, we aim to increase brand awareness among players, partners, and the global community. To achieve this, we plan to participate in major industry exhibitions such as SiGMA, CasinoBeats, IGB, ICE, SBC and G2E. We are committed to the rapid development of Gamzix in both online and offline environments.

Furthermore, we aspire to attract more professionals for collaboration to turn Gamzix into a hub for innovation and self-discovery.

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