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Privacy Policy

On this page you will find how we collect and handle your data when you visit the website or contact us. If you feel that your data has not been properly handled contact us immediately.

The following privacy policy applies to BitcoinCasinoWiz (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, the “Website”) and its Owner, on the one hand, and the Users visiting BitcoinCasinoWiz , on the other. It summarizes how the Website collects and handles Data. It also covers the rights Users have in relation to that Data. It does not cover external third-party websites that Users visit through BitcoinCasinoWiz .

1.1. Data Controller

BitcoinCasinoWiz is the ‘data controller’. It determines how data is processed and handled, according to the applicable Data Protection Law. No third-party is involved.

1.2. Data Retention & Security

BitcoinCasinoWiz and its Owner store data on secured servers. Only the authorized Website admin can access it. If you think your Data has not been properly handled, contact us immediately.

The website stores data only for the legally allowed and/or required period. If the law requires that time to be lengthened, it will be.

1.3. Third Parties & Data

The third parties we work with are trusted, and we’ve verified their integrity. That being said, our policies and terms do not apply to them. We advise you to examine their policies when you visit them through BitcoinCasinoWiz. Currently the website does not use any third party tools and therefore no data is collected by third parties.

1.4. Collected Data

When you visit BitcoinCasinoWiz, we may collect the following information

  • Operating System;
  • Used Web-Browser;
  • IP address

This data is collected automatically – publicly available information like an IP, operating system used, and web-browser is collected automatically through Cookies.

Submitted data 

When you contact us we collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number

1.5. How we use your data?

The main function of Data is to help site owners optimize their platforms and boost user experience:

Data gathered automatically helps with site optimization and with improving the overall user experience;

Data submitted manually allows us to contact you and interact with you. Users are not obliged to submit personal data if they are not interested in interacting with us.

BitcoinCasinoWiz doesn’t rent, sell, distribute, or share personal Data with third parties, private entities, or companies. If a legal authority requires us to share data, we might release personal information to follow the law.

1.6. Data Rights

In regard to your Data, you have several rights:

  • Right to Access – you have the right to request a copy, to modify, update, or delete your Data at any given moment.
  • Right to Correct – you have the right to request a correction if you notice something inaccurate in your Data.
  • Right to Erase – you have the right to request the permanent deletion of your Data.
  • Right to Data Portability – you have the right to request your Data to be moved, transferred, or copied for you.
  • Right to Object – you have the right to object to us using your Data.

1.7. How to Use Data Rights?

To take advantage of the rights you have regarding your data, contact us and submit your request. If your Data is changed in any way, we encourage you to reach out so that we can update it.

1.8. Ownership Change

If changes its ownership due to selling parts or the whole Website, or the business has expanded, the stored Data is transferred accordingly and where relevant. The new Owner gets the right to use that Data in accordance with the Terms and policies applied. We take every step necessary to ensure your Data and privacy rights are protected in such cases.