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An Interview with Slotegrator by BitcoinCasinoWiz

Here is an interview with Dmytro Kryvorchuk, Head of Sales at Slotegrator. If you are interested to learn more about the company, continue reading!
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Jun 23, 2023

slotegrator interview


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1. What do you think is the key difference that sets Slotegrator apart from the others?

Slotegrator has two key advantages: 11 years of practical experience and an enduring interest in innovations. Our team is interested in all new technologies and trends: AI, NFTs, ChatGPT, etc. We’re not afraid of technology — we adore it. We strive to integrate innovations into all our products, and create more competitive and effective solutions for our partners and clients.

We’re currently integrating AI elements into our flagship products — our Turnkey online casino solution and Telegram Casino. Why do we do it? To open new opportunities for our clients and partners. Our mission is to break down any barrier that stands between iGaming operators and the success they’re aiming for, and our enthusiasm for innovation helps us to do it successfully.

2. Your Telegram Casino is an unprecedentedly popular solution now. How did you create this solution?

Many countries lack the infrastructure for extensive landline internet penetration (e.g. LatAm, Africa, several Asian countries). That’s why we decided to create this solution. The indisputable advantage of this solution is its availability on mobile phones, which in some places have spread more widely than landlines. Mobile internet is a solution that is available to everyone and everywhere — you need only your mobile phone.

The other reason is UX research: users today are very selective and expect quality solutions. In addition, the users appreciate when products work fast, correctly, and without any interruptions. These are common demands in today’s iGaming landscape, so Telegram Casino is based on these principles as well.

Thanks to Telegram Casino, Slotegrator has strengthened its market position and entered new regions. Тelegram Casino works as an independent casino platform or a great addition to a
website casino project.

3. What’s new in your online platform development? Do you have any new features in 2023?

In 2022, we improved the platform and adapted it to different markets in LatAm, Asia, and several European countries. In 2023, we have a strong focus on integrating and implementing AI-powered features for detecting fraud, fighting problem gambling, analyzing player behavior and offering them personalized bonuses, special promotions, and tailored marketing campaigns,
communicating with players, automating daily processes, verifying player IDs, analyzing which affiliate partners or networks are sending the most traffic and determining the quality of that traffic, automating SEO analytics, internal and external linking, and more.

Also, we are going to present our modern solution, which is named ‘Wheel of Fortune’. This is a bonus solution, a wheel divided into segments, showing what prize a player receives; back office users can set up a number of segments and the probability of winning for each of them.

4. What markets are you interested in now?

The markets that are most exciting to us right now are Asia, LatAm, and Europe. From the beginning of the year, the Slotegrator team has had a fascinating journey to 12 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, each visit bolstering our understanding of local iGaming landscapes.

Some of the markets are emerging (LatAm); others are strongly regulated but have incredible prospects (Asia, Europe). We are interested in promoting our solutions in these markets because we already have experience and ambitions.

5. There is a lot of news about partnerships for your APIgrator solution. Can you tell us about that?

APIgrator is another solution that we are actively developing. We currently have 15,000 certified games from over 100 licensed game developers available for single-session integration using APIgrator, and those numbers keep growing. This technical solution allows users to quickly add games to any platform, saving operators time. And, of course, we are interested in the expansion of our partner base.

6. What do you think about crypto gambling in general?

The crypto casino niche is growing, and we’re definitely plugged into that world. The convenience of crypto payments makes them a very popular method of payment. Players who prioritize their privacy are also drawn to the decentralized, anonymous nature of crypto transactions, and casinos that cater to those tastes are rewarded with those players’ loyalty.

Players also appreciate the security of crypto casinos. All casino transactions are transparent and impossible to modify due to the use of blockchain technology, which ensures players’ confidence in the crypto casino platform.

Slotegrator also has a Bitcoin casino solution, which offers the advantage of being able to integrate any cryptocurrency for easy, secure, and anonymous payments.

7. What do you think about AI and ChatGPT integration into online sportsbooks and casinos?

We think that these innovations are mandatory in all gambling products now. As it was described earlier, the Slotegrator team is already working on the implementation of AI and ChatGPT options in our turnkey platform solution and Telegram Casino. Integration of these elements is the sign that the company knows how to work with modern innovations, ensuring safety and improving service.

8. There are many changes in regulations now. What do you think about the effect on the industry? Will it change a lot of things or not?

Changes in regulations are making the industry more transparent. So far in 2023, there have been many regulatory changes in different countries (e.g. the UK, Peru, Estonia, Finland, France and others). We regularly monitor changes in the industry and share our insights at Slotegrator Academy.

In our opinion, regulations help develop responsible gaming worldwide and provide clarity for operators.

9. Do you have plans to present some new solutions by the end of 2023?

Sure, we are planning to do it at SiGMA Americas, which will take place between June 14 and 18 in Brazil, where we will be welcoming everyone at booth C103. After that, we’re continuing our journey to Amsterdam at iGB Live! 2023, which will be held in the capital of the Netherlands.

We can say that in Brazil we are going to present a turnkey online casino solution that was adapted for the LatAm market, as well as Telegram Casino. At iGB Live! 2023 we will present new features of the platform, including AI and ChatGPT integrations.

10. What will be the focus of the gambling sphere next year?

We are confident that next year will be called ‘a year of AI integrations’. Also, we can’t forget AR/VR technologies, which will enrich the gamification process, and meta casinos as one of the future trends too. We regularly follow up on all the trends and share our analysis at Slotegrator Academy. In our newest Academy article, we conducted a survey among media experts about key changes in iGaming in 2023, and this article is incredibly useful for everyone. Read it here:

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