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An interview with Espresso Games by BitcoinCasinoWiz

Let's Talk Games is our interview section dedicated to exploring the exciting world of casino games! Here, we dive deep into the latest trends and innovations in the gaming industry, with a focus on the software companies behind the games. Today we are interviewing TIZIANA CANNIZZARO, HEAD OF MARKETING & SALES at Espresso Games. Join us on this thrilling journey and let's explore the fascinating world of casino games together!
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Jun 26, 2023



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1. How are the creative and development processes organised at your company?

The creation and or development of online games is certainly roughly standard for everyone. Game Studios, but the sources of inspiration that precede the creative phase are often different and that is why the aggregate offer of online games is really very varied and touches endless themes

2. What do you believe is the main advantage of Espresso Games compared to other gaming studios?

Espresso Games has always differentiated itself from other competitors starting from the product. The passion for online gaming and the desire to broaden their horizons have meant that the entire production process, from the creative phase to the development of games, is dictated by the constant presence of contamination with different industries. Some examples are the partnership with the brand FTVGG, branch of the prestigious TV channel FashionTv, created to produce online games with themes typical of luxury and life style but revisited by Espresso
and proposed as new and cool games. Another example is the collaboration with the luxury design brand Alexander & Maximilian Rich that offers sophisticated and exotic environments and games, perfect for the VIP players.

Espresso Games also draws inspiration from the cinema industry and has been ambassador of the iGaming industry in the various editions of the Cannes Film Festival where two slots were presented: Cinema and Cinema One, as a tribute to this wonderful visual art.

In Cannes, an interesting University Training Project also came to life and it was created to train professionals for the iGaming sector. This was another important USP for our brand. The goal of the management was to make their knowledge available by contributing to the creation of a bridge between the industry and their future specialized leaders.

3. Can you tell us more about the bonus features, do you have any proprietary and unique game features?

One of the last additional features created by Espresso is the Buy Bonus Feature which is extremely appreciated by those players who want to get directly to the heart of the slot. By paying an extra percentage of the Bet, there is a higher mathematical chance of getting big wins. Everyone knows that the RTP is fully realized during the Bonuses and this is a great reason to pay more and have access to it.

The Cash Pocket is another innovative bonus feature created by Espresso Games that can be activated or not by the players during regular game. The Cash Pocket Feature allows the players to gamble the accumulated wins. I prefer not to spoil the surprise because in these days we are launching the first slot with this special feature and it will be titledA pple Temptation.

Espresso Games is also the inventor of two alternative jackpot engines: Racepot and Reelpot®. They are patented engines and they award players shared prize pools based on wins and not on bets. Since the prize is calculated in the RTP, the casino won’t have to accumulate money to pay the winner: the Racepot will be calculated and delivered directly by the system. These systems are very popular among our clients because the operators & advantages are many, as well as our 4 sister Race slots that allow the operator to create races and decide the length and the initial seed.

4. What do you think players will love the most about Espresso Games slots?

Among all the most famous, innovative and appealing slots, the most successful ones have always been the branded slots. The Management Team of Espresso Games, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, leads the product development with a vision for creating gaming products tailored to its customers, with the attention to detail that is normally associated with Made in Italy productions.

The branded slots have become legendary and the renowned ones continue to be on the players & favorite list even without a constant promotion. The branded slots 3Diamonds Fashiontv and Angel or Joker, 1st Avenue Panther Club or Lupin III are epic and glamourous. Among the non-branded slots there are the classic Egyptian themed slots such as Amun-Ra and Armonah, that continue to fascinate players.

5. What are the top markets for your games in terms of geographic regions and countries?

Our biggest markets are Italy, Colombia and the Middle East where Espresso Games is very popular and appreciated. In Italy our games are continuously requested from operators, platforms and aggregators. The special partnership with some of the big Italian operators allows Espresso to create the best branded slot and games.

In Colombia we were the first provider to be integrated with the biggest casino, Betplay, and our market share in Colombia has been high since 2018.

6. What do you think about crypto gambling in general?

As it often happens, what is most successful in the Gaming world is also reflected in the iGaming Industry. The crypto gaming industry is a very active phenomenon among the new generations that can monetize and make their skills profitable in iGaming. Completing a mission or passing a level are the ways to get rewards within the game through cryptocurrencies.

The phenomenon of cryptocurrencies has therefore also extended to the igaming industry as evidenced by the many operators interested in these new currencies, from Crypto Casinos to payment platforms. Espresso Games already uses cryptocurrencies and it is a growing project especially for all the new casinos that we will integrate in the near future.

7. Can you name the top 3 slots from Espresso Games that should be checked out by players who have never tried your games before?

I believe that the first 3 slots that players must try to get to know Espresso Games are:

  • Lupin III & Colpo al Casinò: inspired by the famous and beloved manga series, focused on the homonymous character, Arsenio Lupin III, this slot comes from the co-production with SISAL, our premium partner in Italy. The slot is playable only on and I really recommend it for its straightforward math and for its 3 Bonuses Lupin Bonus Great Escape, Jigen Bonus Gunshot and Goemon Wild Slash Bonus.
  • Angel or Joker for an immersion into the world of diamonds and lust. This slot was born from a co-branding project with Fashion TVGG and we noticed that it is loved by both men and women. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend and Angel or Joker Bonuses leave the players speechless and can give away rich winnings. This slot is renowned since it is constantly displayed during international luxury events organized by Fashion TVGG and it is also shared on all their social channels.
  • Apple Temptation is a hooking slot, especially if you are lucky enough to get into the TAO Bonus where the players can enjoy frequent Apple Re-spins and 5 special prizes. I’m sure players will not want to leave the game.

8. Could you give us a sneak peek of what’s coming next from Espresso Games in 2023?

The second half of 2023 will see many new national and international strategic partnerships coming to life and this will give our games greater visibility. I can’t reveal anything yet, but I’m sure we will end this year with great satisfaction.

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