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Espresso Games Crypto Casinos

We’ve rated the top Espresso Games online casinos that accept (฿). Learn more about Espresso Games games & claim generous bonuses.

Espresso Games Overview

Espresso Games, established in 2002 and later acquired by the Talenta group in 2015, has been in the business of designing and developing casino games since 2009. With the merger of these two companies, they brought a wealth of experience to the table. In 2017, an important European venture capital firm purchased the entire asset, marking a new chapter for the company. As a result, the development office was relocated from London, UK to Milan, Italy, where it continues to operate today.

At a glance:

  • 20+ years of experience in gaming
  • Intriguing, unique game catalog
  • Offices in various locations worldwide
  • Great mobile compatible games

Espresso Games Products

Espresso Games is a company that continuously strives to create innovative and effective solutions for online casinos including crypto casinos, to enhance their businesses rapidly and with a solid foundation. With their wealth of experience in both land-based and online gaming worlds, the company has successfully designed and developed a variety of products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Here are 3 of their unique products:

  • 3s Module – a speedy setup solution that is widely recognized as the fastest integration module connecting gaming platforms. It enables online operators to seamlessly integrate Espresso Games’ products into their existing systems with ease and efficiency.
  • CyberBox, a web-based back office equipped with a plethora of analytical and promotional tools that provide operators with valuable insights into their businesses. This includes bonus systems, VIP Clubs, loyalty points, and much more, empowering operators to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.
  • Special Jackpots, which enable cross-game jackpot tournaments, multi-player jackpot quests, and progressive reel jackpots. These exciting features allow players to experience an immersive and thrilling gaming experience that is not commonly found in other games.

Espresso Games’ Unique Gaming Features

Espresso Games has distinguished itself by not only developing top-quality slot games but also incorporating several key in-game features. One of their most prominent features is the inclusion of special jackpots.


The first of these jackpots is called “Reelpot,” which functions as a progressive win jackpot situated at the base of each reel in a slot game. If a symbol from a winning combination appears above the treasure chest, it will be filled with a predetermined amount of money. Once a chest reaches 100% capacity, only that single reel will spin with “win” and “no-win” symbols. It’s important to note that other players also participate in refilling the chests and winning the jackpots.

The Racepot Jackpot

The other patented jackpot type is known as “Racepot.” Unlike the Reelpot, the Racepot is influenced by all reels in a slot game and can be claimed by accumulating special points. Both jackpot types can be customized to function individually for a single player or be linked in “cross-game jackpot tournaments,” where bets from different players contribute to the jackpot every time it’s won. These jackpots typically accumulate small but significant amounts of money, which makes them a popular addition to gaming rosters among both players and casino operators.

Seasonal Game Decorations

In addition to their unique jackpots, Espresso Games also offers seasonal game decorations. During festive seasons, special tournaments, campaigns, and games with related themes are highlighted. However, there are usually limitations in the availability of games that align with targeted seasonal themes. To address this issue, Espresso Games has introduced a configurable graphic element that operators can turn on and off as effortlessly as they would with Christmas lights!

Espresso Games: Optimized for Mobile Compatibility

Espresso Games has exclusively designed all of its games in HTML5 format. This renders their titles easily accessible on both desktop and mobile casinos. The advantage of such a design is that gamers can now access the entire collection of Espresso Games titles on their smartphones, tablets, as well as desktop computers.

As a result, the brand has been successful in reaching out to a wider audience. Some gamers, in particular, have a preference for mobile gaming as opposed to playing on PCs or MACs.


Top Picks from Espresso Games

Espresso Games portfolio includes a diverse range of slots games that cater to all tastes. Here are some of the top picks from their collection.

cinema slot espressi games

Cinema Slot - Relive the Golden Age of Film

Experience the glamour and charm of the golden age of cinema with Espresso Games’ Cinema slot. This online slot machine offers a retro-themed gaming experience with an authentic monochrome design that is accentuated by neon lights. With the opportunity to win real cash prizes, this game is sure to captivate any player seeking a classy and exciting slot game.

treasure island slot espresso games

Treasure Island Slot - Uncover the Hidden Treasure

If you’re a fan of pirate-themed slot games, then Treasure Island is the perfect choice for you. While the RTP of 94.38% may be slightly lower than the average for similar video slots, the frequent and moderately sized wins make it a great game for players who enjoy low to medium volatility. Join the adventure, uncover the hidden treasure and sail away with big rewards!

Boobies & Booties Slot - Enter the World of Anime

For fans of anime, Boobies & Booties is an exciting new slot game that features a Japanese anime theme. This game utilizes the patented Racepot mechanism of the linked Race slots and turns it into a multi-level jackpot where players can choose to take the winnings of a lower level jackpot or invest into the higher level one. Immerse yourself in a captivating world of anime and win big rewards!

Espresso Games Slot Machines

Espresso Games offers a vast collection of slots. The majority of their games are slots, making up over 45 out of the 70+ available options. The sheer number of slot games available from Espresso Games is impressive, ensuring that players have a lot to choose from.

The developer has infused various themes into their slot games, and the themes are well-represented with high-quality graphics. Additionally, each slot game comes with its unique bonus rounds and special features, adding to the overall excitement and quality of the games. It’s safe to say that Espresso Games put a lot of thought and effort into developing their games, resulting in a highly entertaining experience for players.

Some of the popular titles in the Espresso Games slot catalog include Cluck Bucks, Crazy Faces, Cinema, Bullets for Money, The Sense!, and Winter Win. These games have gained popularity due to their impressive graphics, exciting bonus features, and engaging gameplay.



espresso games slot machines



espresso games roulette games

Explore the Roulette Options by Espresso Games

Espresso Games is not just about slot games; it also offers an impressive selection of roulette games. The developer has designed eight different roulette games, each with its unique features and gameplay. The available options are 12 Numbers, American Roulette, European Roulette, Global Poker Roulette, 12 Numbers Common Draw, American Common Draw, European Common Draw, and Poker Roulette.

The 12 Numbers roulette game is similar to the European version, with a single zero on the wheel. On the other hand, the Poker Roulette games combine the thrill of poker with roulette, offering higher-paying poker cards on the table and wheel for players to bet on. It’s a unique and entertaining hybrid that adds to the excitement of the game.

Espresso Games’ Blackjack: A Variety of Options to Choose From

Espresso Games offers an impressive selection of card games, including five variations of the classic blackjack game. Each of these options features slight differences, and players can enjoy a unique gaming experience with each title. The five different blackjack titles offered by Espresso Games are Blackjack, European Blackjack, Lucky 7 Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, and Blackjack: Six Card Charlie.

Players who prefer the standard version of blackjack can choose between single and multi-hand gameplay, based on their personal preferences. The Six Card Charlie and European versions of the game are also available in both single and multi-hand options. Single Deck Blackjack, on the other hand, is a clear-cut single deck game. The Lucky 7 variation offers players the chance to place Bonus Bets and adds an exciting twist to the traditional gameplay.



espresso games blackjack games

espresso games video poker

Video Poker Games from Espresso

Espresso Games has also ventured into the world of video poker, offering a total of nine exciting titles in this category. Among these games are 2 Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, All American, and Color Champion. Each game features unique gameplay mechanics and offers a thrilling experience to players.