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Crypto Casinos in Tunisia

Can you play casino games in Tunisia using cryptocurrencies? What are the best games and bonuses. Find out in our TUN crypto gambling guide.

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Is Gambling Legal in Tunisia?

Tunisia is located in Northern Africa. It’s bordered by the Mediterranean Ocean, Libya and Algeria. Around 98% of the citizens are Muslims, and Islam is the state religion. As such, gambling is illegal for Tunisian players. The Islam religion and the Quran state that gambling is an immoral activity. It states that you should gain wealth from hard work, not luck. For this reason, the Tunisian government doesn’t allow any resident to gamble.

However, unlike many other Islamic countries, Tunisia keeps its religion and politics separate to a certain degree. Land-based casino gambling is allowed for foreigners as a way to boost tourism. In this manner, Tunisia is much more relaxed than similar countries. You’ll find three land-based casinos accessible to tourists. The government is the one that licences and regulates these casinos.

Online gambling, on the other hand, remains illegal under Tunisian law. There are no Tunisian-based online casinos. Technically, citizens aren’t allowed to gamble at online casinos. However, the government doesn’t enforce this law on citizens. It’s more concerned with tracking down foreign online casino sites than the citizens using those sites. There are no specific regulations in place regarding the use of offshore casinos.

Are Cryptocurrencies Available in Tunisia?

As of November 2021, the Tunisian government hasn’t changed its stance on cryptocurrencies. Currently, Tunisia has a ban on cryptocurrencies. The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) stated that it doesn’t recognise or deal with any cryptos. In June 2021, it seemed likely that this absolute ban might be lifted. This happened after a 17-year-old local boy was arrested for trading in crypto. The Minister of Finance, Ali Kooli, stated that he believed cryptos should be decriminalised. However, no action has been taken to put that into effect.

The BCT did state that it’s considering establishing a unique digital currency. This currency is called the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Nothing is yet confirmed, and any considerations are still in the reflection phase. However, this does show a more accepting attitude towards digital currencies.

The BCT stated that the CBDC wouldn’t be classified as cryptocurrency. It also stated it’s still investigating the inherent risk of cryptos. As such, it’s unclear when or if crypto legalisation is expected in Tunisia. However, despite using crypto in everyday life not being possible, Tunisian people still register for crypto, buying and trading it. In March 2021, the number of new Tunisian registrants increased by 11%, showing growing interest.

History of Gambling in Tunisia

Like most Islamic countries that consider gambling immoral, Tunisia has a long history of strict laws surrounding gambling. However, these laws were less restrictive regarding foreigners visiting the country. The Tunisian government realised the beneficial impact of casinos on tourism. As such, land-based casinos were legalised, with an otherwise blanket ban on gambling activities issued.

There are only around three land-based casinos currently available. One of the popular ones is Pasino Djerba, which opened in 1998. Despite the 2011 revolution in Tunisia, the gambling laws are still based on the original French laws from French rule. The country also remains largely secular. Activities like sports betting might be more accepted in Tunisia. The Tunisian government started to regulate sports betting in 2020. This state-owned entity is named Promosport.

Despite the seemingly more accepting attitude reflected in the land-based casinos and regulated bookmakers, gambling still remains primarily prohibited. Only 2% of the population believes gambling is morally acceptable. The vast majority still see it as against their religion and morally unacceptable. While online gambling falls under the blanket ban on gambling, no citizen has yet been arrested for gambling at offshore casinos.

Gambling in Tunisia Nowadays

Tourists can play at one of the three brick-and-mortar casinos in the country. When a foreigner wants to play at a casino, they must present their passport or foreign ID. This measure ensures that no Tunisian player can gain entry into the casinos. Further, the land-based casinos only operate using foreign currencies like EUR and USD to restrict Tunisians from using the establishment.

Despite the gambling ban, you’ll find many offshore casino sites accepting Tunisians, many of which are crypto casinos. While it’s more difficult for Tunisians to play at online crypto casinos and technically illegal, the government hasn’t enforced the law on players to date.

Tunisia Players Favourite Games

While it’s illegal to host a gambling site in Tunisia, you’ll still find many offshore gambling sites offering casino games to players in the country. Some of the most popular games are live casino games and table games, with poker being a favourite. There are many types of poker variations available, including video poker. The second most popular table game is blackjack, and both of these games require some knowledge or skill to play. That’s not to say that other table games like roulette and baccarat aren’t receiving attention.

These games are available as standard table games, where you play against the RNG-generated code or live dealer games. Live dealer games are often more popular, giving a more authentic feeling of casino gambling. However, table games are a great way to test your skills before betting against another person.

Slots are also quite popular, especially since you get a large variety of themes and bonus features. As one of the most popular casino games globally, it’s no surprise that Tunisian players also love to spin the reels. You can find fun game mechanics like tumbling reels or the hold-and-win feature. You can also get bonus features like free spins, jackpots, and Megaways.

Tunisia Players Preferred Bonuses

You’ll also find many different bonuses available to Tunisians. These bonuses start with the welcome bonus you can claim after registering and evolving in reload and crypto weekly or monthly bonuses for existing players. You can receive a matched deposit bonus or free spins, and some casinos even give a no-deposit bonus.

However, all bonuses have bonus terms, and you must complete them before withdrawing your winnings. Ensure to read any bonus terms for the wagering requirements, winnings limit and bonus expiry period. Keep in mind that cryptos and online casinos are technically prohibited in Tunisia, so claim a bonus and play crypto casino games only if you understand the risks involved.