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Can you play casino games in South Africa using cryptocurrencies? What are the best games and bonuses. Find out in our SA crypto gambling guide.

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Is Gambling Legal in South Africa?

Yes, gambling is legal in South Africa. The National Gambling Act means that casinos, trackside horse racing betting and sports betting are available in person. However, the original legislation dates back to before online gambling was around. As a consequence, specific laws needed to come along later to clear up the current picture and modern practices.

Several amendments to the National Gambling Act have been proposed, and new legislation is currently being discussed. As things stand, though, online betting with a licensed bookmaker in South Africa is completely legal. Provinces oversee the issuing of licences through provincial gambling boards.

However, decisions around online gambling at casinos haven’t been taken yet, which means it’s currently considered illegal by the National Gambling Board. The government announced its intention to issue licences to 10 operators in ZA, but that is yet to happen.

There’s currently a lot of speculation around the future of online gambling for South Africans. Several international sites accept players from the country. This lack of regulation and seeing revenue leave the country has prompted the Remote Gambling Bill. It aims to establish legal online gambling with licences and player protection.

Are Cryptocurrencies Available in South Africa?

Cryptocurrencies are available in South Africa. In fact, the country is known as a leader in the adoption of cryptocurrency. It’s estimated that over six million South Africans own some form of crypto.

The most popular cryptocurrency adopted by ZA is Bitcoin. It’s legal to own and trade in Bitcoin as well as other cryptos. It gets a lot of attention as it’s known as the first of its kind, and there’s a limited supply.

The second most popular cryptocurrency for South African users is Litecoin. It’s another well-known coin in the market and is often thought of as the rival to BTC. Similar to Bitcoin, LTC has a limited supply, but the units have a lower value and prices can fluctuate more.

Ripple is the third cryptocurrency that you’ll find most often in ZA. The tokens were released gradually into the market and can’t be mined. Other options to look out for include Dash, which is known for cheaper fees, and Monero, which is preferred due to the privacy and anonymity it offers.

South Africans that do seek out offshore gambling sites often choose crypto as its a convenient international payment option.

History of Gambling in South Africa

The history of gambling in South Africa can mostly be followed by the different restrictions that were introduced, removed and then reintroduced. The first restrictions were introduced in 1673 by Dutch settlers.

As the economic fate of the country changed when gold and diamonds were discovered, gambling was reintroduced. It began in the late 1800s and continued through the early 1900s. However, things changed again in 1965. The Gambling Act made every aspect of gambling, except horse racing bets, illegal.

Casinos could be found in the Bantu homelands and in Swaziland. Also, there were many operations run by street gangs. By 1995, it’s thought that there were around 2,000 illicit casinos running in all of South Africa. A change was coming again, though, with a new government in place. In 1996, the National Gambling Act was passed in, allowing licensed casinos to operate.

As we reach more modern times, several pieces of legislation have passed. It includes one which repealed the 1996 Act and amended it to make online gambling illegal. Although the Remote Gambling Bill of 2014 failed, there are new hopes to regulate what already exists as an illicit industry.

Gambling in South Africa Nowadays

Sports betting is a popular and legal pastime in South Africa today. Casinos are also incredibly popular. When people couldn’t attend in person, there was a renewed interest in seeking out online gambling sites.

Since policing of activities and penalties for players don’t occur, many South Africans have made their own choices about finding online entertainment. As a result, there are many international online casinos that are licensed in other jurisdictions that accept ZA players.

Others are impatiently waiting for licences to be issued and new legislation to be passed. With a safe and regulated market in mind, many in ZA are coming around to the fact that there are more benefits to legalising.

South African Players Favourite Games

Even though casinos have come and gone many times from those who live in South Africa, many players will still be able to tell you their favourite games. Whether land-based or during the online days, slots have long sat in the number one spot. It’s the combination of bright lights, themes and fun features that captivate players.

Some of the top titles include Fruit Party 2, Great Rhino Megaways, Halloween Treasures and Legend of Helios. The themes provide a level of variety that keeps players coming back for more.

A popular option from brick-and-mortar plays is craps. The dice game draws a crowd bringing a social element that South Africans love. The tension and speed of the game also add to the excitement.

For something equally simple but with some decision-making involved, ZA players turn to blackjack. Unlike poker, you’re only in competition with the dealer, not the other players. The other reason it draws attention is because of the low house edge of the game. Plus, online casinos have twists and side bets to keep things interesting.

South Africa Players Preferred Bonuses

South African gamblers at the sportsbook have come to expect a free bet when signing up, and that attitude is the same in the casino. Who doesn’t like something extra? For casino players, the most sought-after bonus is a deposit match. Ideally, it should match 100% or more of what the player deposits.

The second choice is free spins for a bonus. They allow players to explore their favourite games, which are slots, without risking their own bankroll. In this case, there’s a preference for rewards for regular players, so the chance to get weekly free spins is a big draw in ZA.