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Decentraland Casinos

Play at top-rated Decentraland Casino sites, all offering amazing game variety, huge bonuses, and instant payouts. Pick a shortlisted casino below.

If you’re interested in online gambling and the future of casinos, then you’ll want to know about Decentraland. Founded in 2017, Decentraland provides multiple opportunities for having fun as well as winning. It takes the casino experience to the next level by realising what gambling can be in the Metaverse.

Not only will you be playing at an online casino, but you’ll be exploring a world full of interesting locations, quests and social opportunities. If you’re curious about how to access and benefit from this revolutionary concept, keep reading our Decentraland casinos review.

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Welcome bonus

Up to 270% Bonus on 1st Deposit

Players from US not accepted

Welcome bonus

Up to 450% Bonus + 140 Free Spins

Players from US not accepted

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a metaverse project that is a 3D virtual space where users can explore using their avatars. This world has its own cryptocurrency MANA, which you can use for all sorts of interactions and activities.

Plots of land in the virtual world have sold to different venues, making it what it is today. As well as NFT holders, the space has casinos, social venues and other activities, including play-to-earn games. This mix of entertainment content delivers an online casino experience that’s closer to a trip to Vegas than anything that came before.

Where to Buy Decentraland?

When you first access Decentraland, you can use the marketplace, where land parcels and other assets are for sale. Before you make any purchases, you’ll need to have some of the virtual space’s cryptocurrency. You can buy MANA from several crypto exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase.

What Makes Decentraland Unique?

Decentraland offers an experience like no other. One of the aspects that makes it unique is that it’s a social hub as well as a place to access casino games. Here, you can find online slots, roulette, blackjack and poker to play.

The interactive element really comes out when you complete quests. They help you explore the virtual world with treasure hunts. You’ll also be challenged to interact with other players, who might then set new quests for you.

If you want to engage more with the gaming experience, there are opportunities to design and play mini-games. You can then sell them as assets for NFTs, MANA or wearables. You can also find games designed by other people that have a play-to-earn aspect with NFT and MANA rewards.

How We Rate Decentraland Casinos

Even casinos operating in a virtual world need to meet high standards; that’s why we evaluate the following:

Safety & Licensing

Security measures need to be in place to protect the player. They’ll range from responsible gambling information to encryption technology and the appropriate privacy policies.

Bonus Terms

If you’re receiving a reward, you’ll need to know where you stand. The terms need to be clear and reasonable, which includes wagering requirements and expiry periods.

Game Selection

These casinos are still developing, but there should be enough variety to keep players entertained. We’re talking slots, table, arcade and crypto casino games.

Withdrawal Times

You’ll want to enjoy your winnings. Whether you spend them elsewhere in Decentraland or exchange them, you’ll want them to arrive as quickly as possible.

Mobile Compatibility

Logging into the virtual world should be possible from all sorts of devices. It’s not just access, though; we expect the experience to be flawless.

Customer Support

From a small query to resolving a more significant issue, we want to see that the casino will step up. We check for channels including live chat, discord and responsive social media teams.

Decentraland Casino Games

Although Decentraland casinos are unique, you’ll still find games that you’re familiar with and can enjoy. Keep reading to find out what’s available in their game libraries.

slot casino game


When you visit a Decentraland casino, you’re sure to find slots. Most have exciting themes and features where you can win MANA or NFTs.

crash casino games

Crash Games

Crash games are some of the most popular blockchain options out there. There are a few different formats, but they all involve placing a bet and deciding how long to wait to cash out, putting you in control of the risk.

blackjack casino game


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and the same is true in Decentraland. This time you’ll be aiming to beat the dealer for MANA.

table games


There are several roulette variants available at these virtual casinos. Explore different themes and bet options to find the right fit for you.

poker casino game

Video Poker

If you love strategy and a low house edge, then you’ll love video poker at any online casino, but especially in the virtual world.

baccarat casino game


A popular social casino game, baccarat brings the thrills and is available at several casinos occupying the virtual space.

Top Decentraland Casinos

Here are the best Decentraland casinos selected by our expert team

Welcome bonus

Up to 270% Bonus on 1st Deposit

  • AAVE casino cryptocurrenciesaave
  • AMP casino cryptocurrencyamp
  • ape casino cryptocurrencyape
  • avax casino cryptocurrencyavax
  • azuki casino cryptocurrencyazuki
  • bat casino cryptocurrencybat
  • binance coin casino cryptocurrenciesbnb
  • Binance USDbusd
  • bitcoin casino cryptocurrenciesbtc
  • bitcoin cash casino cryptocurrenciesbch
  • bcd casino cryptocurrencybcd
  • bayc casino cryptocurrencybayc
  • cardano casino cryptocurrenciesada
  • people casino cryptocurrencypeople
  • atom casino cryptocurrencyatom
  • cro casino cryptocurrencycro
  • DAI casino cryptocurrenciesdai
  • dcr casino cryptocurrencydcr
  • Digibytedgb
  • dogecoin casino cryptocurrenciesdoge
  • EOS casino cryptocurrencieseos
  • ethereum casino cryptocurrencieseth
  • Ethereum Classicetc
  • ftm casino cryptocurrencyftm
  • fil casino cryptocurrencyfil
  • floki casino cryptocurrencyfloki
  • floor casino cryptocurrencyfloor
  • gala casino cryptocurrencygala
  • gods casino cryptocurrencygods
  • gst casino cryptocurrencygst
  • hbar casino cryptocurrencyhbar
  • hnt casino cryptocurrencyhnt
  • hex casino cryptocurrencyhex
  • kava casino cryptocurrencykava
  • klay casino cryptocurrencyklay
  • LINK casino cryptocurrencieslink
  • litecoin casino cryptocurrenciesltc
  • monero casino cryptocurrenciesxmr
  • nano casino cryptocurrencynano
  • near casino cryptocurrencynear
  • nexo casino cryptocurrencynexo
  • rose casino cryptocurrencyrose
  • par casino cryptocurrencypar
  • dot casino cryptocurrencydot
  • matic casino cryptocurrencymatic
  • punks casino cryptocurrencypunks
  • rvn casino cryptocurrencyrvn
  • ripple casino cryptocurrenciesxrp
  • samo casino cryptocurrencysamo
  • sand casino cryptocurrencysand
  • SATS casino cryptocurrenciessats
  • SHIB casino cryptocurrenciesshib
  • snack casino cryptocurrencysnack
  • Solanasol
  • stellar casino cryptocurrenciesxlm
  • sunnew casino cryptocurrencysunnew
  • luna casino cryptocurrencyluna
  • lunc casino cryptocurrencylunc
  • ustc casino cryptocurrencyustc
  • tether casino cryptocurrenciesusdt
  • tomo casino cryptocurrencytomo
  • ton casino cryptocurrencyton
  • tron casino cryptocurrenciestrx
  • tusd casino cryptocurrencytusd
  • UNI casino cryptocurrenciesuni
  • USD coin casino cryptocurrenciesusdc
  • vet casino cryptocurrencyvet
  • vtho casino cryptocurrencyvtho
  • waves casino cryptocurrencywaves
  • wck casino cryptocurrencywck
  • YFI casino cryptocurrenciesyfi
  • ygg casino cryptocurrencyygg
  • zcash casino cryptocurrencieszec
  • zil casino cryptocurrencyzil

18+ | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

Up to 450% Bonus + 140 Free Spins

  • binance coin casino cryptocurrenciesbnb
  • bitcoin casino cryptocurrenciesbtc
  • bitcoin cash casino cryptocurrenciesbch
  • cardano casino cryptocurrenciesada
  • dash casino cryptocurrenciesdash
  • dogecoin casino cryptocurrenciesdoge
  • EOS casino cryptocurrencieseos
  • ethereum casino cryptocurrencieseth
  • monero casino cryptocurrenciesxmr
  • ripple casino cryptocurrenciesxrp
  • stellar casino cryptocurrenciesxlm
  • tether casino cryptocurrenciesusdt
  • tron casino cryptocurrenciestrx
  • USD coin casino cryptocurrenciesusdc
  • zcash casino cryptocurrencieszec

18+ | T&C apply